Astrology Services

Do you have questions you would like insight on? Support around emotional or spiritual realities happening in your life?

I am  available for pre-paid professional astrological  consultations and charts. For all Astrology Services, please be prepared to offer your full name, date, time of birth and city of birth.  If you do not have this complete information, please state so in your initial contact. Appointment times are not held until payment is received.

You can contact me about services at

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How it Works:

Step One: Choose your package below & Pre-Pay

Step Two: We will email you to get your Birthdate/Time/City and Full Name, as well as to schedule an appointment via phone, skype, or if possible, in person.

You receive:  If you elect for a phone reading, you will receive an Mp3 of your reading. The Mp3 allows you to go back to what was said and listen to it on your phone, computer or mobile device. It’s a great way to keep track of your reading!

Package Options:

Package One: 30 Minute Consultations for 30.00



Package Two: 60 Minute CONSULTS for 60.00


Student Discounts Available! Inquire at


Package Three: Full Astrology Chart  for 100.00 

An Astrology chart is a map of the sky at the exact moment in which you were born. Each of the planets placements: the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, the Moon etc; from an astrological viewpoint bear upon your personality, creating your many talents  and your challenges. In an Astrology Chart consultation, I review each of these placements, giving you insight into how you can use these energies to better help you create the life you desire. I also speak to the energies of the current moment, giving you insight into the possibilities the planets may be bringing to you in the near future or the challenges/ opportunities available to you now. The consultation can be conducted via Skype or Phone and is recorded. The file will then be emailed to you for your records.  This Consultation takes two hours. All information shared during astrological consultations is strictly confidential. Pay your deposit below, or under “Astrology Chart Options” pay for your full chart. 


Astrology Chart Options


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Astrology Chart Follow Ups:

If you have already had a chart consultation, you are eligible to receive a discounted chart. Please contact me at for more information.

Why Choose me as your Astrologer?

I have been independently studying astrology for about five years now under the written tutelage of Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas, both co-founders of the famed Centre for Psychological Astrology In London. My astrological outlook is heavily influenced  by their analytical lens; which is a blend of Jungian Psychological theory and traditional western astrology. As a counselor my experience comes from my work in  case management/social work and facilitating “batterer’s intervention courses” for several years.

As an astrological counselor my goal with a client is to offer insight into the specific energies governing their lives and help them to discover ways to utilize that energy to maximize their potential and create the lives they desire.

I  truly enjoy helping  individuals to find and trust their inner voice & I would be honored to work with you as your personal astrologer.

Below you will find testimonials from clients whose charts I have completed over the years. Please feel free to review them.

In the spirit of peace, love and awakening,



“Yolo’s gift is so accurate and insightful! Anyone who braves a chart will truly be blessed and learn immensely concerning the significance of your birth date and time, and what the stars have aligned for your life. Take the leap – it’s well worth it!” -Chaplain Chris Jones

“Yolo’s reading helped me to embrace my true essence, and confirmed my presence here on earth.” -Mike Frazier; Therapist & Life Coach

As a person who was always taught that astrology was “of the devil”, witchcraft, part of the occult, etc., this was a major move for me. But something felt right about Yolo. I knew that having him do my astrology reading was going to change my life…and it did. Now I find astrology fascinating and I’m so glad I allowed myself to be open to learning something new. I have new insight into my life, which will in turn make me a better person. Yolo rocks! —Geigh Cheron Jackson; Activist & Community Educator

The reading was a gift. At its most fundamental, the session reminded me that what seems to be a highly conflicted personality has some structure, purpose and beauty to it. AND that personal power is certainly available if I choose to honor my nature instead of disparaging it. Thank so much!  —Phyllis Alesia Perry; Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist & Author

“My astrology reading with Yolo was a magnificent opportunity to reflect (from a new perspective and in new conversation) on what the universe has shown me all along. With innovative ways for me to see through the stars, Yolo’s reading offered insights that were invigorating, challenging, comforting and yet… familiar. Astro-reads with Yolo are a must-do!” —Nikki Young; M.D; Theologian & Activist

“The reading you gave me was dead on and was just confirmation of all that the universe has been sending my hints about! Since my reading my attunement has been keener and I now have the green light to go ahead and let my soul number 33 shine brightly and proudly!!”  —Kiesha Hunter; Spiritual Priestess; Chef

“What i loved most about my reading was that it was invitation to trust myself again. Your ability to read the stars echoed what i know to be true about myself and the situations we discussed. So grateful!”  – Moya Bailey, Activist, Intellectual and Doctoral Student

*All astrology services are for entertainment purposes only.

*Note: Consultations are not complete astrology charts. They are insight into specific

questions based on your astrological chart.