Selected Writings & Videos


The Immediate Need For Emotional Justice  (Crunk Feminist Collective)

Healing Work: A Poetic Memoir  (V-day)

Gay Men’s Sexism & Women’s Bodies  (The Good Men Project)

The Pain of Being Poor: Masculinity & Manhood In A Recession  (Everyday Feminisms)

You Can’t Grow Flowers In Poisoined Soil: On Inner Child Work (Race Baitr)

Sweet Tea: Southern Queer Men’s Proclamation

Finding Love In A Hopeless Place: On Loving Black Queer Men

“Am I The Kind of Man I Want?” Reflection One Year Later 

Emotional Justice: The Principle of Projection 

It’s Not My Birthday & I Don’t Want Cake: on Rihanna & Chris Brown

Old White Men, Young Black Boys & The Sexual Legacy of Slavery

‘We Shall Not Be Removed: Black Gay Men, Intimacy & HIV  (The

Becoming Bitter: Black Gay Men & The Pain of Being Jaded 

Why I Love The Universe More Than I Love God  (The Huffington Post)


Interview: ‘New Documentary Explores Relationships Between Black Gay men and their Fathers’ (Huffington Post) 

Interview with The Grand Life: Saying No to Find Your Truth as An Artist

We Shall Not Be Removed: Panel Series (Hosted by Yolo, sponsored by AIDS United)

Mary: A Literary Journal: The Yolo Akili Interview

The Body.Com: New Study Shows Black Gay Men Think Masculine Men Are Less Likely to Have HIV (Features Yolo’s Work)


Yolo on ‘Huffington Post Live!’ For Gay Men’s Sexism & Women’s Bodies:

“Are We The Kind of Boys We Want?”