My Latest For Huffington Post: An Interview with Co-Founder of Men Stopping Violence



We Are The Work: The Making of Men Stopping Violence, a new book by therapist and long-time activist Dick Bathrick, chronicles the 30-year legacy of Men Stopping Violence, an organization that has worked tirelessly to end violence against women by engaging the population largely responsible for that violence — men.

Started in 1980, Men Stopping Violence came into being when few people were viewing violence against women as a problem of men. It was — and in many places still is — seen as something that is a “women’s issue,” despite the fact that research shows men are largely the perpetuators. Over the years, MSV’s work has had a significant cultural impact on how we understand gender-based violence, influencing everything from mainstream media to government agencies.

In recognition of National Sexual Assault Month, a call to awareness on all forms of sexual assault and violence, I reached out to Dick to talk to him about We Are The Work, the legacy of MSV, and why it is important that this book reaches men who are dedicated to ending violence.

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