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 Twitter: @Eddie_Ndopu 

Eddie Ndopu is a South African queer designer, fledgling activist and intellectual, and transnational socialite. He serves as a Contributing Editor for The Feminist Wire where he writes about disability, representation and embodiment. Eddie is currently wrapping up his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. When Eddie isn’t studying or writing, he’s reading Vogue and hobnobbing with friends in search of the best martinis and mojitos.                          




Twitter @Talley_Marked    Aaron Talley is a Chicago-based activist, educator, writer, and blogger. Though he loves shade and a good #Read every now and again, he prefers to read actual books. (James Baldwin anyone?) He’s still struggling to make his Jack’d profile sound less nerdy. Tips would be appreciated. You can follow:




Twitter: @KenyonFarrow  Kenyon Farrow  is your favorite butch queen’s favorite butch queen. He is an award-winning writer and activist. He is the former executive director of Queers for Economic Justice and currently serves on the board of Streetwise and Safe. Kenyon is co-editor of Letters From Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out.  Kenyon has been a panelist, lecturer and keynote speaker at many conferences and universities including New York University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin/Madison, and Hampshire College, University of California/Berkeley, Antioch College, & University of Texas at Austin.







Twitter: @Chase8PP Chase Simmons is storyteller and filmmaker based out of Atlanta, GA. He directed and produced Dear Dad: Letters from Same a Gender Loving Sons, a film about eight black gay men and their fathers. He is passionate about social justice and telling the untold stories of communities of color. For more information visit:







Twitter: @YoloAkili   Yolo Akili is the creator of Brunch with the Boys. He is a longtime writer, poet, yoga teacher and activist. He is the author of Dear Universe: Letters of Affirmation & Empowerment. Yolo’s writings have appeared in the Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Everyday Feminisms, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and much more. He has been an invited keynote speaker at Vanderbilt University, University of Illinois and Northern Illinois University and an invited presenter at Columbia and Fordham. Yolo has appeared on Huffington Post Live & The Derek & Romaine Show (Sirius XM). He also loves gourmet cupcakes. 

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