Why I Love The Universe More Than I love God

I love the Universe more than I love God.

I love identifying the divine source as the “Universe” because it implicates you and me, inherently.

It does not conjure thoughts of one person or entity. It does not invoke a man, a prophet or a hierarchy. It invokes us, and by calling on it we affirm that we are a part of the power that answers our own prayers and wishes — not an external source or an all mighty white man.

Because the Universe is you … and yo mama. You both are the universe. We all are the divine power.

Many beliefs strongly suggest otherwise. And a consequence of these beliefs is that many a community has been held hostage or destroyed, because they have been waiting on an external savior to exercise the spiritual energy that only they themselves possess.

This is of course, not new. Throughout history spiritual power, which is nothing more than concentrated consciousness, has been projected on and through deities. But by calling on the Universe we invite that power back into us. We invite it back into our bodies, our hands, our bellies and our hearts. We share it with our friends, brothers, mothers, cousins and sisters. We harness it collectively and individually to challenge and transform systems that seek to sabotage our self worth.

In this frame there is no need to argue with agnostics or atheist bullys about “proving” the universe. Because we are “it” and we are the proof that it exists.

We are a part of the power that brings it into being. And as that power, we have to take accountability for creation around us. We have to take responsibility for what we create. We have to recognize how we are complicit in the violence of the world and make our own decisions about how we will, through our everyday choices and ongoing acts of resistance, contribute something else to the pot. 

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