My article for Huff Post Black Voices: Two Narratives The Black Community Needs To Give Up In The New Year

2013 is here, and it’s time folks.

It’s time to leave behind the tired stories and unhealthy narratives that hurt our communities.

It’s time to re-commit our focus to the brilliance, beauty and resilience we possess, so that these things can grow exponentially and overshadow the death, gloom and despair that the media and many of us have focused on.

This is not about delusion. It is not about pretending that problems do not exist. This is about re-adjusting our gaze. It’s about getting as motivated about the things people are doing to help our communities as we are when a celebrity says something racist, or when a white film maker produces a film that distorts or minimizes our historical experiences. This is about getting excited and celebrating what we have going for ourselves as a community.

This is about finding a new lens on life.

So in honor of the new year, I’d like to offer you (and me) an opportunity to abandon two narratives in particular that have done a grave disservice to black communities. They are the “Ain’t No Good Black Men” and the ” Black People are Deficit in Every Damn Thing” narratives. Leaving them behind may not be easy, but by questioning these narratives and our commitment to them, we may come to some fairly surprising conclusions.

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