“The Ultimate Purpose of Astrology is Love”: An Interview with Astrologer Sonja Marie

Today my Astrology & African American series continues with an interview with the talented and brilliant Sonja Marie! Sonja Is a practicing astrologer based out of Los Angeles who has helped people across the country with her gift.  She has much to share about her perspectives on God, astrology and self healing. Enjoy!!


When did you first become interested in astrology?

I was 9 years old. I had a poodle/collie mix puppy,  that I was attached to.  I was given a book called, Astrology for Cats and Dogs” . Unaware of its truth or lack of it, I was drawn to the fact that I could possibility understand her personality better if I read into this thing called “ASTROLOGY”.  I surprisingly found some startling truths!  It really blew my young mind and obviously made a lasting impression.

Were you taught to be scared of astrology? What was/is your families perspective about you practicing astrology?

I was raised by a strong minded, liberal, single woman of the 70’s.  My mother was open to almost anything. She wasn’t the flower child type but she was extremely open minded…and still is.  She invited all types of people around me (with parental reservations of course) and never judged anyone’s religious belief, sexual orientation or nationality.

I love her more today for instilling that outlook in me.  She always encouraged me to look at all possible choices made in life and choose the best one for me!  So when my interest in astrology began, she supported it.  We bought the little rolled up astrology  scrolls they sold at  supermarket registers.  We often read each others horoscopes out of the newspaper and shared it with one another. She was supportive in every way imaginable.

What is your spiritual belief system? How does that connect to/mesh with astrology if at all?

My spiritual beliefs? Uuummm…Well, I was raised by a somewhat non-denominational mother, my father (who I often visited) is an Eastern Orthodox Muslim, my paternal grandmother had me baptized in a Baptist church, my maternal step grandmother often times took me to a Seventh-Day Adventist church.  I also went to a Lutheran Elementary School and a Catholic High School…whewwww…that’s a lot just remembering!

So, by the time I was an adult, I was somewhat burned out by the idea of “religion”.

What I recognized most is that all religions and beliefs believed in similar teachings…they were just given different names.

They spent a lot of time and energy comparing their outlook with the next and often times suggested eternal damnation if you didn’t follow their beliefs.  I had a very hard time believing God – he who is all knowing, the ultimate compassionate being – judged us on how we worshiped her/him.  So, even though I respect all beliefs and religions…I stood neutral.  I learned from it all and prayed to God in my own way.  It’s has always proven to be the best way of life for me.  This open outlook allowed me to be available to astrology.

I’ve come to believe that there is no right or wrong way to worship or celebrate God’s presence.  God is all around and through us: That’s my religion.  There’s never a conflict because I hear God’s voice in everything.  It works for me! And as long as it doesn’t hurt the next man or woman, I feel safe and assured in my practice.

How has astrology helped you in your own life and relationships?

I believe astrology gives excuses for people to be who they are.  If I’m knowledgeable of certain personality types and people reveal those ways, then it’s MY responsibility to accept it or not.  For example, generally Sagittarians are known for being a bit selfish.  If I go into a relationship with one and expect them to be more open and generous in ways I’d like, I’m setting my self up for disappointment.  It’s possible they may be able to learn how to be more giving but if they’re not,  and I know this info, then there’s really no one to blame but myself.  As much as we may want people to change, they can only be who they are.  Nothing more; nothing less.

I love astrology for this very reason. I’d rather not take too much energy changing someone for my benefit.  It’s a lot more rewarding when you meet people where they are. Relationships are essentially more fulfilling this way.

{and} I’ve always been a sensitive soul.  Cancers { Sonja’s sun sign} often get shunned for being emotional and perceptive.  However, it is our gift to absorb the energies of most, to asset a emotional situation and add nurturance and care to the mix.

Now, if my sensitive  nature is looking toward a Capricorn to give me the same in return…more than likely, it’s  not happening. Generally speaking, Capricorns spend little time being emotional. They’d rather strive and figure out a situation in a practical sense.  Is it good or bad? Neither, it’s just different than me.  So, if I want to cry and pour my heart out, I’ll call a Scorpio or a Pisces.  They will be more willing to wipe my tears without judgment.  If I need a mechanic to fix my car, a Capricorn is the one to call.  They’d rather help me figure things out.  Ya dig?

Astrology gets a bad rap.  It’s not magic or replacing God! No one or nothing replaces the ultimate power of our creator! However, astrology is a tool to get you safely from one point to the next.  Assessing situations in your life to make the steps easier for all involved. That’s all! When we stay open to all tools for the good, life becomes a bit more manageable. I’ll say it again: God lives in all things!

Were there any other people in your family who practiced or were interested in astrology?

Well, my mom was very open to it but never practiced it the way I do.  Other than her, no other family member was as interested as me.  But that’s nothing new.  I was also the only young adult in my family to move 3,000 miles across country with $200 in my pocket at 22 years ago to a place I’d never been before. (Laughs) I’ve always been the rarity. Or better yet, the leader!

Why do you feel like you have been drawn to help others with astrology? What do you think is your purpose in having this gift?

Ever since I was a little girl, I was known as the wise one.  I would sit in the corner of a room while adults talked, listening intently to their relationship dilemmas.  For some uncanny reason, it was very clear to me why these men and women were often miserable: they made bad choices. {but} they rarely took responsibility for their actions.

One day, I had the nerve to say something and they told me: “Shut up Sonja!”

The feeling of helplessness ran through me like collard greens.  I saw something that could help them out and they didn’t want to listen. Why? Because I was 10 years old? (Laughs) I guess I haven’t lived long enough to earn the right to advise an adult yet. This yearning to assist the heart became very natural.  I elected myself  to listen to friends and family for hours and go deep within to search why people made the choices they did.

Am I Buddha? Well, no……but I made some heart felt assessments and became very trusted with information about others that I will take to the grave.  I felt honored and blessed to carefully, compassionately and non-judgmentally look into someone’s life and present different options.  Astrology became a tool for me.  Like a chef’s favorite skillet.  It began to open up doors and windows and rooftops  to reasons why people made their choices.  Researching ones astrological chart, helps to lift  burdens off of shoulders.  We all know, when our guard is down, God has an easier time issuing blessings to those in need.

Simply put: I  began to dedicate my life to making sure everyone had a greater chance at receiving god’s blessings!


God and I had a talk.  I said, “God, instill all you can inside me to assist in ways  you want me to! Show me my destiny! Make it plain and clear and full of your love!”

Well, my intuition became increasingly stronger.  I started to see people’s ancestors in their readings.  Messages were being delivered through me.  This shook me because I never believed I had this capability.  When I trusted God and said what I heard…it changed lives before my eyes.  I knew God had everything to do this.

My purpose is to educate people on universal laws of astrology while opening their hearts and minds to the healing power it charges.  My biggest desire is that people begin to see themselves more, admit their strengths and weaknesses and boldly challenge themselves to become better then they were the day before.  Life is too short to stay in denial, anger and resentment.  My purpose is to urge self healing, self love, so it’s easier to love to person standing next to you.

The ultimate purpose of life is love!! That’s It!!

Sonja Marie can be contacted at: http://www.wordlifeastrology.com/index.html

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