Collide: Will It Work? Aquaruis & Scorpio

In traditional astrology two zodiac signs are seen to be incompatible because of difference. The idea is that because these two individuals embody such radically different psychological  impulses, tendencies and life frames they are in no way able to create or sustain a romantic union.

This idea that difference is an immobilizing factor, stems largely from the fact that the culture that produced this astrological theory in of itself has not been able to reconcile issues of difference. When the west historically has been faced with difference the response has been to either to construct a hierarchy( where one arena of difference is seen as utopian and the others less than) or to erase difference all together and try to focus on similarities.

However I believe as poet Audre Lorde once stated “That it is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability, to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences.”

Therefore I do not endorse traditional concepts of Western compatibility.

You see any of us can be in relationship with each other,  the question is not are we “compatible” but instead: “Are we willing to do the personal, emotional and spiritual work necessary to forge a union that is nourishing, loving and compatible for us?”

For many couples who are in an Aquarius-Scorpio relationship  the answer is almost always a resounding no. Which is why Astrology states this partnership as one of the most highly “incompatible”.

In this inaugural essay of “Will it Work” we are going to get a birds eye view into the Aquarius-Scorpio dynamic and see what creates what western astrology has called “incompatibility”. We are also going to see what it would require for a loving, sustainable union to exist between these two– if it is possible at all. Mind you, we will only be working with sun signs in this essay. Even though the reality is, each of us is infinitely more complicated than our sun-signs. Different aspects and placements in the chart will create different impulses that will generally extend beyond the scope of this analysis. However,  when speaking in general about the Aquarius and Scorpio dynamic this essay will provide a general overview. 

(Also, for further elaboration I would recommend you checking out my Case Study on Aquarians and Scorpios.)

So let’s begin.

Aquarians think. It’s what they do. They are aware that they have emotions, they just don’t value them in the same way they value the intellect. They maintain a distance from their emotional body at all times and this infuriates Scorpio. Why? Because Scorpio lives in water, in feeling. They want adoration, to be possessed, affection; things that the Aquarian personality does not give out routinely. They are too busy talking about free love, their friends and their independence to be all holed up with the Scorpio. Aquarians reek from the idea of being owned, or from participating in anything that feels normative or mundane. Relationships, traditional unions especially, feel way to normal for the Aquarius. They live in the future. All that emotional stuff? That’s the past. Let it go.

And let it go is just what the the Scorpio will not do. They are not exactly well equipped for forgiveness. Aquarians’ cold, disconnected, theoretical sparring hurts Scorpio intensely, and Scorpio cannot use it’s emotional powers in the same way with Aquarius.You see Scorpios tend to use emotional knowledge and feelings as a weapon in relationships, but with Aquarians there’s such an emotional disconnect, that it doesn’t exactly tip the scales in Scorpio’s favor. So Scorpio is left feeling powerless– they’re emotional attacks and manipulation do not carry much weight.

Not only this, Scorpio also uses sexuality as power in relationships,and while Aquarians love kinky and creative sex ( Rick james was an aquarius) there not going to be controlled by their sexual drive. It’s not rational and “rationality” is where they live. Scorpio needs affection, love and praise. To a typical Aquarian, this is not rational. You know they love you. Why should they have to demonstrate that through what they see as “normative” methods? Aquarians can appear distant to the Scorpio. Scorpio is needy and overbearing to Aquarius. The union suffers for these and many more challenges.

How can they make it work? The invitation is to sit and think about why they are attracted to each other in the first place. You see, each of us is attracted to our romantic partners because the other possess’ something that our conscious wants us to awaken and embrace within ourselves. In this case, Aquarius, who lives all in their head, is being pulled to Scorpio because they need to learn how to work with their feelings and deal with the tumult of emotional baggage they have intellectualized but not adequately dealt with in their lifetime. Scorpio-who lives in emotion, is being called to balance that feeling with an intellectual perspective, to develop an emotional dissonance that can sway them from becoming held and ruled by their emotional body. They must also look deeper. What’s at the core of how they see the world? If they do go there, Aquarius will find that they’re love of independence is marked by a fear of being controlled, a fear they have to name and confront. Scorpio may find it wants Aquarius close because they fear abandonment and they must also, confront and deal with that wound. Both of those wounds are likely to be childhood “original wounds” stemming from some parental or primary care giving dynamic.

Many more dynamics like this will be present.  The possibilities are endless. Ultimately the two must look at each other and see what qualities the “other” possess that the other is being called to integrate into their consciousness. Starting there is the first step. From there they must work actively to embrace and recognize that the things the “other” does that infuriates them, they also have in some capacity within themselves. They have to see their partner as their mirror and not their opposite; the root of the original problem.

The union is not impossible. But it is not easy. Anything worth having is not. With adequate support ( counseling, therapy, healthy friend networks, communication) the two can find a place where this union can sustain them both. They can find a place where they both can be nourished, evolve  and maintain the wholeness of who they each are. Aquarius will need to let go of the need to be right. Scorpio will need to let go of the desire to possess. In any occasion it’s an invitation to grow, and to become something more than either of them were before.

In love and lite


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  1. I’m a Scorpio and I have been in a relationship with an Aquarius for almost a year. You really described everything that we have gone through and continue to go through. I’m so happy to be a living example of how a union like this can work out with communication, support, and constant nourishment. Great work!

  2. I have seen relationships where couples who have Moon in Scorpio and Moon in Aquarius last only through extreme compromise and open communication.

  3. Love it! I’m an aquarian with a scorpio mother, so this was helpful. I have definitely thought the relationship was hopeless at times.

  4. This blog really comes in handy for me. I am a scorpio dating an aquarius. Just when I’m about to be through with the relationship, I realize how much I truly love my partner, and I’m going to try my best!

  5. First & foremost, I would like to say that I think the Aquarius/Scorpio combination is a very bad idea. The only way I see any probable success is if the man is an Aquarius, & the woman is a Scorpio. I am an Aquarius & my “boyfriend/ex/lover” w.e. he is to me, is a Scorpio. Our relationship is as turbulent as a bad flight. Unfortunately he is not my first scorpio but hopefully my last because lord knows my heart mind & soul cannot take any more of these fatalistic assholes. I have no idea why I keep attracting Scorpio men because I really do detest them. My first love was a Scorpio & God did he turn my life upside down, I was nothing less than an exceptional girlfriend to him & he still treated me like I was his worst enemy. He broke my heart so bad that to this day I still wonder how I managed to get over it. I was never sure how he felt about me since it was so easy for him to completely shut me out & ignore me whenever he felt like it. 2 years after we broke up(or he just stopped talking to me), he sent me multiple text messages telling me how much he was still in love with me & how he was so sorry for the way he treated me & how he wanted me back. Thank God I was over him by then because lord knows what kind of disaster I would’ve put myself through to be with him again. It has been years since we broke up & I’m just finding out about some of the lies he had me believing. Some of them are soo dumb! Like who lies about that kind of crap? Anyway It seems to me that Scorpio men expect perfection from whoever they decide to seriously let into their lives. You have to be on your ps & qs with Scorpio men because once you mess up the relationship is pretty much doomed. Scorpio/Aquarius relationships are full of misunderstandings, mostly because Scorp men do not like to talk about their feelings & they think they are never wrong. Good luck getting them to apologize for anything. They appear soooo innocent to everyone else meanwhile you know they are terrorists at heart. They are VERY VENGEFUL & UNFORGIVING, their trust is easily lost, hence the perfection that is required of any poor woman they set their sights on. Scorps are stubborn are so are Aquarius, Aquarius aren’t as emotionally revealing as other signs. It is very hard for us to visibly show emotion & believe it or not it actually takes a lot of practice. For years It was literally impossible for me to cry. Even if I wanted to. I think a relationship with these two signs would have some hope if both signs were open to communication. Personally I would love to talk things out with my Scorp but he rarely ever gives me the chance & if he does, he is quick to end the conversation or get angry or he’ll accuse me of trying to start a fight or he just dismisses it completely by telling me I wouldn’t understand. Apparently he is psychic! His secrecy is very uncomfortable to me and I pretty much lose my mind when he stops talking to me for DAYS. How could you love someone & not talk to them for days, even weeks? When I first met him he was soooooo sweet, he was the epitome of a good man & even though I wasn’t really physically attracted to him, nor was I completely emotionally available, because I was somewhat involved with someone else (which he knew about) he was everything I needed and he was so persistent so I gave him a chance because I hate it when people say women never give good guys a chance. So many times I told him I didn’t think we should be together & I even broke up with him a couple of times in the beginning because I didn’t want to hurt him or ruin him for another woman (ha!) because I thought he was so perfect. We have had so many break ups its ridiculous. He always wants to “take a break”. I believe in working it out, talking it out, fixing the problem, & moving on. But to get him to do any of that would be a lifetime achievement for me & I dont have a lifetime of non progress in me. Scorpio men will make you question love in ways it should never be questioned. They are that twisted. I have always wanted to see a successfull Scorpio male relationship because I truly believe that they cannot possibly maintain one. Falling in love with a Scorpio is like going to war with yourself & evryone around you. They have the ability to make life so difficult you cant help but wonder how one person can be so powerfully destructive but appear to be so innocent and sweet. Being with a Scorpio man is emotionally & physically draining. I dont know how people keep from going crazy dealing with them. My advice to Aquarius women is to stay away from them. They are not what they seem & not worth the trouble or your sanity. If I had the chance to redo our relationship, I’d run for the hills. Whether or not it could be worth it in the long run, I’m not sure I’ll last long enough to find out.

    1. In every relationship it takes TWO. You cannot change someone or yourself for that someone but learn to compromise with each others differences. I am an aquarian woman and my boyfriend is a scorpio man. This has taken my boyfriend and I three years to accept and our love life is exactly how it should of been since the beginning. It was a HUGE challenge when our relationship first started because we just COULD NOT see eye to eye BUT we found a balance and really that’s all you need. I’ve read other responses and seen that this pair or aquarius and Scorpio is a Huge mistake but I’m living proof that it can work. Obviously if you are still attracting a particular sign clearly they have something that you like but you cannot go about it the same way you have before you just can’t. You got to go into it with no expectations because that’s where YOU will let yourself down. My boyfriend and I have been on the breaking point too many times but one can never truly give up on the other and this actually goes for us both. We know we can work and when that’s the case, you just know anything is possible. He makes me happy… Took sometime to get us on the right track but it makes us US. When you really want things to work they will but both of you have to be on the same page plain and simple. And if not well do for yourself and move on. Other than that, understanding, compromising, and love is keeping US together so for those unions that are having difficulties… Make a change.

    2. I know a lot of people are criticizing you here but I agree with you on many points.I felt like It was me talking about my ex Scorpio boyfriend while reading your comment(except for the name calling part). I feel I understood you better than anyone here.Do not worry about the harsh comments because most of them are very juvenile.Yes, it takes two to break a relationship but some people are not ready to believe that there are some(not all)Scorpion men who manipulate women for their own selfish needs.No matter how much a woman tries to make it work, he will jeopardize it with his selfish ways or temptation to be with more than one and when he is finally bored of juggling or mess it up with them aswell,he will come back saying how much he has missed you and wants you back.Even a Scorpio knows his dark side and his flaws but god forbid if you show them mirror,they’ll run to bite you !

    3. OMG!!!!…..I could have sworn I just wrote all of this. What you have just written is 1000% on point. I couldn’t have written it any better. I SALUTE U!!!!

    4. It’s not about if a man/woman is a scorpio or an aquarius. It’s all about if you can communicate or not if something bad happens. It takes two to tango. He is an aquarius, younger to me. We had some arguements about how he never responds to things and he just left with bitterness. Tried everything for 6 months that challenges me as a scorpio woman to make him to talk to me, atleast end things on a good note but I guess hurt was so much that he never replied to my messages. Now, after an year of our breakup (even if I can call it that, sometimes I feel like a pendulum), some fb updates….not sure if it’s for me or some else new in his life….I just wanted to talk things out so that when we face each other, we are not bitter anymore. I still love him but don’t know what to do. I am half scorpio and half aquarius so I can completely relate to the aloofness but can’t take it when a person is not ready to atleast aknowledge the issue and try to make things work through communication.

    5. I am an aquarian, and now on the verge of breaking up with my Scorpio bf of less than a year. And yes, ur passage virtually describes all the difficulties I hv with my bf, and my relationship with him is the messiest! He expects perfection in the relationship, and he would condemn me for everything I did that he dislikes (things I do may not be wrong but just not right for him). When I tried hard to explain logically to him why I did something, and that it was just a misunderstanding, he could continue picking on my logical explanations, interrogating me on every bit of detail continuously until I explode. And when I explode, he would blame me for not controlling my temper which irritates him. Then he would left me alone for days , and he would not apologise to me even if he really did misunderstand me, but required me to take the initiative to soothe him like a baby.

      I had also suggested breaking up for a few times in the past, to preserve both of our sanity. But he would give suggestions and advice on how we could improve our relationship (mainly focusing on changing me but not himself). I tried hard to adopt his suggestions but they just don’t work for me. Then when our next conflict comes and we end up arguing, he would accuse me of not paying effort to improve our relationship, which drive me insane becoz I had been trying hard to contain my temper or trying hard to soothe him like a baby (which is not sth Aquarians r good at doing usually).

      The worse thing is, he doesn’t seem to think he has a part to play in these conflicts and constantly ask me to change. But I think in a relationship both parties hv to change!

      Anyway, he now harbours a lot of grudges against me due to a lot of misunderstandings and his distorted interpretations of my actions and behaviours…. I m too tired to explain myself anymore…. Probably I should let the relationship go…

  6. I agree with you Alecia. I have been with 2 Scorpios and not I’m talking to a 3rd. I have been knowing him for 12 years so I thought he would be different. They are quite sweet in the beginning but makes things difficult when they don’t have to be. I prefer to talk things out…he talks things out IN HIS HEAD! I also agree with you that they will not talk to you for days and cray but claim they love you. My bff is a scorpion as well. They are NEVER satisfied and can’t really be trusted due to the all out secrecy. And all the scorpions I know are avid CHEATERS! LOL I love this guy now but it’s a nonsensical rollercoaster. If he goes w/o communicating for 3 days I’ll let him know that I’m here and is willing to give him time. To him that means, I don’t want you anymore. wtf is that?! OH btw I’m an Aquarius as well and I’m so sick of these so-called zodiac experts saying we are not emotional. BS! We do have and show emotion, its the Scorpions that don’t! Where do they get this from? And I’m as affectionate as the day is long. I was accused in my last relationship of being too affectionate. WTH? lol However, I think it can really work. My bff is with an Aquarian. I don’t know how he does it! lol But it can work with compromise and communication. Aquas are communicators, Scorpions are not but when they are it will work out great. I’ve seen it happen many times.

  7. This is my first Scorpio boyfriend…I am an Aquarius. First off, I’m tired of the whole Aquarians are not emotional or detached line. Whew lol anywho this definitely has similar traits of my relationship. We were very bumpy in beginning but are working on our communication and we are not having these blow ups anymore. After reading this things make more sense! We almost broke up once and I’m glad we didn’t, decided to start over. David’s relationship shows me it can possibly work while Alecia has me scared! Lol gonna see what happens!

  8. I’m an Aquarius woman and my husband is a Scorpio yes it true that we have so many differences but we have been together for 3 and half years married for 4 months. I love the challenge we have for one another
    Yes I have a temper which I show a little more than he does but helped me control it while I taught him to open up more to me and not hide what he is feeling. I love my husband and I am willing to take on any challenge to make our relationship stronger. I don’t ever want to change the way he is as he doesn’t want to change who I am. Even though we bump heads a lot we learn from each other and laugh about it. I will say this though it was hard in the beginning because we do have different point of views and yes we both thought we would be better off alone but we overlooked our differences and now we are trying for a family .

    1. i agree with you, Sarah. i am not married, but i have been with my boyfriend for 2 years, 11 months and 6 days (today) and we do have our ups and downs, but we always work it out. yeah, i have been with others, but they weren’t as kind and gentle as this i got now. another thing u and i have in common is the fact that i have a bit of a temper more than him, but he helps me calm down and i have taught him how to open up more. and by that i mean, he tells me everything (the stuff that he forgets about, he tells me when he remembers them lol). we have a very very close relationship, most of this is based on trust, compassion, honesty and commitment. i know everyone is not perfect, but to me, he is. i see no flaw and i don’t try to change him, not does he try to change me. he told me i was perfect the way i was and that i need to just be myself. what surprises me was the fact that when i go out of town, he cries for me and i just think that that is so amazing, i mean when a girl cries over a guy, she really loves him, but when i guy cries over a girl, (it takes a lot for a guy to cry) you know he really and truly cares and that’s what makes us stronger. if that’s not love, i don’t know what is 😀 <3<3 😀

  9. As a Scorpio female, I am very confused by these comments. The blog is extremely helpful even though zodiac signs are not respected by my religion (don’t judge). Anyways, my aqairius man and I had a physical fight that led to the death of my most meaningful relationship. I am young and think I am just too immature to comprehend love but my life experiences make me older than most. I’ve experienced pain that most people will never have to face and of course this is a private experience I would rather not share. Anyways, my aquarius man is the secretive one, he’s closed off and does not like to talk about things that make him upset. Since we are no longer a couple, I have to hide my feelings for him, but he is not an easy person to hide from. My question is if he is not willing to communicate how do I open those lines. He gets upset and we get in physical fights when things get intense so I fear communication. I know this is a toxic relationship which is why we are merely building a friendship and no longer a couple. I fear my heart cannot understand this danger and that I will force him to marry me and in the end bring children into this mix then ultimately divorce. Any advice from scorp/Aquarius married couples? Maybe even interracial couples in particular

    1. We are interracial and married. I cannot tell you anything positive. I am very saddened by the way things have turned out. I hope things got better for you guys since your post.

  10. To be with a scorpio man is to deal with emotions that you never knew were even there. As a willing aquarian I opened my heart and gave all the love that I had including :independence , space , affection, attentivity and mutual repect. It actually started off really wierd. He was not sweet to me and he was arrogant. We had so many ups and downs but both of us were willing to stick together because it felt intuitively right . Often I had to apologize first and he would apologize after , so this also comes with responsibility of ones emotions.. now , he is ever so sweet to me and it was worth all the hard work and time that I sacroficed for him

  11. @Alecia You’re a typical Aquarian. You’re like “I’m always right, everything else is the culprit”. Believe me Aquarians will never accept this fact because of the same reason. Their rebellious nature just won’t allow them to accept that they’re wrong in an argument. You guys are so busy making opinions and thinking about the world that you forget to look deep within yourself. Aquarians will give advice to the whole world as if they are God, but try giving them advice and their “I’m always right” comes to the fore.

  12. I’m an Aquarian and my husband is a Scorpio. We have been together for a little over 4 years and 7 months and have been married for 1 year and 1 week. We are very much in love and even though we have little spats here and there, we communicate very well and have a wonderful relationship. I definitly believe that any two signs can make it work if both people are willing to comprimise.

      1. oh yes I agree, I love how he looks at me, rather stares right through me, he’s the only one I’ve met that has been worth the stare, I trust him. He so full of integrity and respect for me that I can’t help but give up all that stupid independence for such a tender soul. He is so very tender with me and I feel so cherished I simply cannot help myself. Im so terribly devoted to him, , such a strong loving man,

  13. Hi this message goes to Alecia…I am so sorry but I must admit…u are so dumb and wrong. U Aquarius assume your so smart and always right..yet you forget that you are not. I do believe that scorpios can be very emotional..but whats wrong with that? I am sure that only reason to why you find scorpios in your life is cause u are a horny gal and love the passionate sex that only a scorpio can provide u with..or you would go for a stupid gemini (sorry for my language). I am sure your the biggest reason to why you didnt make your relationship work. Not only that but you aquarius lack what a scorpio needs..which is commitment and honesty. You value what “books” have to give out as info then your own judgements..I guess they are not valid. Sorry but u aquarius (the way u structure your words) piss me off cause at the end of the day you once again assume your right and love playing mind’s what your good at (the only thing your good at) hope you find a gemini Alecia..but remember ..the sex will never be as good with any other signs than it would be with a scorpio! Scorpios are wild in bed and loyal to the end if they know your not a liar.

    1. Leo, u r absolutely right about the sex part. I had sex with my best friend, who’s a scorpio and it was the best. But U cannot deny that they can be mean, domineering, and condescending. I had a scorpio boyfriend who abruptly stopped contacting me for weeks together, and came back later.

      As for stupid gemini, yes we go for stupid gemini men. They are funny and loving. But nope,They are not good at sex.

    2. Iam a Scorpio as well! People look at the old paradigm ! A
      Evolved Scorpio women is amazing! I dated a aquaris male,his ego was so huge,it was all about him,his image) I
      Ask him who are you? Do you
      Know? He had no idea! He had a diff face,for family ,job,
      Everything! Complained a lot !
      I hope he finds himself 1 day! Kudos to all my scorpions an
      Other signs ! We don’t have 2 suffer unless we chose to! All is well! Peace and blessings

  14. Im an aquarius and iv been dating a scorpio for like 11 months and we have never had any disagreements or arguments, it makes me sad when everyone says that we will never work out because where so different., i just dont get it because i feel like we have the same personalities ?!….

  15. I’m an Aquarius woman with a Scorpio man and we’ve been together for 6 months today!! I can see where people come from with the personality clashes but as long as you can see past that you’ll have the most amazing bond and you’ll just know it’s real and nothing can break you. Well that’s how I feel anyway, at the start we didn’t 100% see eye to eye but if the love is there and is true, it’ll work.

  16. Aquarius woman here. Been seeing a Scorpio man for 7 months. Broke up with him ’bout a month ago. He started withholding (emotions, communication, and affection) for weeks. I tried to fix things with him. Never mistreated him so I couldn’t understand why he was acting so strange. Eventually him not talking of the problems and not touching me was too painful, so I left. It was a nightmare of a time trying to move along. Don’t you know now, ’bout a month later he calls saying he loves me, was just protecting his sad old dried up heart and so on. Now talk about extremes. That fool went from not even looking at me to crying on the phone. I’m scared to take him back cause I hear these men will manipulate. Never understood why aquarius people are called “cold and aloof”. My heart is so big I feel everything and all of your stuff too but that don’t mean I’ll let you treat me bad. Now that’s a guarantee. Maybe thats my Cancer moon, Leo rising though.

  17. Wow…Senced a lot of hate towards an Aquarius. When Aquarius are known to be mentally the strongest intellectual, & REALEST of all. What you mad for? Cause were DIFFERENT? We’re ORIGINALS & unpredictable. Once someone owns our heart, we will love them like no one else can. We care too MUCH is the problem. Emotion is our middle name, we just don’t admit it. However, mistaking us for weak would be quite foolish. I don’t know if anyone will read this but shoutout to Alecia for being as clever as she is to even put into WORDS the hardship she went through with her Scorpio. Everyone got a different experience. & Everyone’s experience should be RESPECTED. But once you disrespected her perception, not even JUST a perception , once you undermine what someone felt when they went through with THEIR scorpio, your unreasonable. Must you REALLY had to have experienced the exact situation to UNDERSTAND IT? Open up your closed mind. You can tell how much she went through just by the way she expressed it. Didn’t pick up on it? I lived it. Still living it. Shes could be attracted to scorpios cause idk…maybe they are EMOTIONALLY the strongest of the zodiac. I think somewhere in an aquarius heart…we admire it. We look up to it, we may not appreciate it because it affects us in the relationship. But an aquarius, being who we are we cant emotionally HANDLE the shifts in personality a Scorpio demonstrates. Who wants to question that the person who has their heart, even wants them just as bad as they want them. We throw it all on the table. Keeping shyt real woth nothing to hide. A scorpio male keeping secrets…turns things into a hazzard. quite frankly I don’t know how ACCURATE the incompatibility of a Scorpio man and Aquarius woman is, around the world. But for me…as hard as it is. As much as I’ve fought & fought. One undeniable conclusion I’ve come up with, Scorpios MAY great in bed…HOWEVER the love is nothing less than REAL. REALER than I’ve ever felt. Realer than MOST I’ve seen around me. So real that no matter what, both in reality can’t let go. Single or taken is just a relationship status. Where your heart lies….is where you stand. It all comes down to…Was it meant to be or not? Simple .

  18. All I wanna know is — How is the SEX? And if its good in the beginning — do Scorpio men mess it up by poisoning it with their emotional instability?

    FYI: I am an Aquarian female who has never been in a relationship with a Scorpio man. However, the only times I have ever been sexually harassed at the workplace by an employer or authority figure has been by a Scorpio MAN. They really are dirty dogs. And they are EXPERTS at hiding infidelity my fellow Aquagirls… Take it from someone who knows.

  19. Dear AquaGirl,

    Don’t believe the hype that is about to be heaped upon you regarding Scorpio being the greatest lovers.

    They are not.

    Virgo men have always topped my list and the VirgoAqua sexual connection is a sizzling white heat that WILL NEVER DIE. It sends tingles up my spine to even think about it and then I have to stop because I cant even think about anything else… SIGH OMG… okay.. I better stop now. WHEW!!!

    Yours truly,

    A Sexually Satisfied Aquarius Female

  20. Scorpio man and in a relationship with an Aquarius women. I now understand why our relationship is difficult and doomed. We are complete opposites that can not have a lasting relationship because of our differences and our unwillingness to compromise because we are both “fixed signs.” I find it hard to apologize and am an emotionally needy, controlling, borderline psychotic, who can withdraw from her for hours without talking. I know she is emotionally shallow, shrew, who can never be attached to one person and demands the independence that I can not give because of my possessive nature. I thank all of you for allowing me to see that a long-term relationship is impossible between us. After reading all of your well thought out, indisputable opinions, I know we’ll never be happy. How we have endured a loving and extremely happy relationship for over 30 years is beyond comprehension. Oh well, guess we’ll never mark 100 years of marriage. Thanks for the enlightening, all-be-it completely ignorant and stereotypical representation of people and the chances for future happiness. Stereotyping people based on their “sign” is just as ignorant as judging them based on their race or religion. Let the haters begin!

  21. Well, I am Aquarius. My ex husband is Scorpio. However we are still together even through a divorce. He was 23 and I was 17 when we met 23 years ago. We are total soul-mates in the traditional meaning of the word. Not the way it is used by relationship sites these days to put two people just alike together. But like one soul that was once complete and split into two souls who can never feel complete without each other.

    This is the hardest type of relationship and the most rewarding. My husband tried to dominate me completely. I rebelled. Then I tried to agree with everything and I really meant to follow orders. But the cleaning never got done, bills were paid late. It was like I just couldn’t make myself be a good girl and follow an order even if I tried. We were in a horrible rut and we could not get out of it. I finally had a breakdown and said enough, I want a divorce. He was deeply hurt but granted me the divorce. I allowed to have everything he wanted in the divorce. Every point he felt was important and he needed to be happy, I went with. I totally trusted that this was an honorable man who would never let me or his children suffer and I could always turn for anything I needed without a court order. I tried dating, but he wouldn’t, so I stopped trying to get him to move on and find someone else to be with. And we began to finally be able to work on us.

    We lived apart for many years and spent weekends together with the kids. Then he said I needed help with the kids and invited us all to move into his house. We kept our divorced status and separate bedrooms. We have separate bank accounts. I trusted him enough to make him the children’s custodial parent so he could secure private insurance for them and stop paying child support.

    I have learned that he will never be able to settle for someone he meets on a website that matches them up. He is far too competitive for that. When you put together a debate team, you don’t pick four biologists when the questions cover all subjects. We are the most powerful couple I know, because under this roof we have united and acquired from each other the broadest range of skills and knowledge possible. When we work together like we do to be good parents, we are so amazing. We could never ask our children to settle for anything less than having us working together to offer them so much. I am not very competitive because if I win, I feel bad for those that had to loose. But I feel joy knowing that as a team working together we would demolish those couples that are just alike. They are two team members with one skill set. Two people with half of what we have together to draw on can beat us only when we don’t work as team and allow each other to do what we do best. Together we have it all! So we are greedy, greedy people. We have had lows. We just refuse to settle for anything less than becoming the most awesome team we could ever play on!

  22. My Scorpio husband cheated once before we were married. I cheated after we were married because I thought I owed him one. Eventually we both moved past all that. We don’t want anyone else as much as need each other and want to be together. My Scorpio husband is loyal, honorable, honest and trustworthy. His morals are what attracted me to him so strongly. If he says, “You can live on this amount of money.” I say, “Okay, I’ll learn to make my own makeup, I’ll use fish antibiotics off ebay, I’ll order things direct from China! I’ll go to a thrift store and find wonderful things and fix them up. I will not only live on this, I will live it up on this!” And instead of finding that I come begging him for more money, he can sit back and be awed my awesome creativity and ability to stretch a dollar and learn skills. Yeah, giving me less money was a power play, but I took it as a challenge, met the challenge and won something far greater, respect and admiration. He is insecure, he likes to feel very needed. I one up him, I make him feel wanted instead. He knows no matter what he piles up in the bank, I will live in poverty in a heartbeat if I am not happy being with him. He also knows if I am happy, I will make us the best baked beans and turn Ramen into a delicacy if he didn’t have a dime tomorrow. I want to let people in these relationships know you will always be working on this relationship but the greatest challenges bring the biggest rewards. We have been together 23 years, and we still must work at it, and we still surprise each other, sometimes even pleasantly….He was doing some things I didn’t like and trying to win, win, win. I put my foot down hard. I threatened to move in with my mom. He then backpedaled. When I told him if he dared ruin one more birthday or holiday fussing about cleaning I’d kill him in his sleep, he grinned like he had won the argument because I intended to be here to do it! And I knew right then why he loves me, not to be my boss but because I have it in me to put my foot up his butt and make him be a better man when no one else can! This relationship is always a work in progress, always. But so is life itself. Some people will choose the easy path to nowhere and we will choose a rocky road all the way to the top of a mountain. We won’t get there fast, but the view will be better all the way up.

  23. By the way, in the Chinese Zodiac he is a monkey and I am a tiger. As I said we are true soul mates. I am sure no matter what you are looking at in the Heavens, we could not find anyone more different than we are from each other. But we see every difference we possess as an acquisition. We value each difference because it gives us more, more and more when we work together. It puts more on our table to meet the world with. Our differences when combined give us the world. We cover more ground together than in any other pairing we could hope to find. We don’t over lap much, we are very different as different as night and day and we could not want anyone more than we want each other. But never just in spite of of our differences but because of them. These relationship horror stories and even our own rocky road shouldn’t stop you from building a bigger house just because you can’t have it now now now. Take the long view and see just how much you can bring together under one roof. You may build a house of straw quick and easy but wouldn’t you rather have a house of brick when the wolf comes knocking?

  24. Im a Scorpio women and my husband is Aquarius. This pretty much sums it except he taught me to communicate but yes we are both stubborn lol. We have been together since 2014 of April, finally married two years ago. It is rough but we grow closer as we get older and having a daughter helped us. When we do argue it’s intense but we end up apologizing. He is very sensitive to the point things hurts his feeling more than me. I have moon in Pisces and rising in sag. I think he has Aries in one of his signs and oh god that’s even worse as he thinks he is always right and his way. Our relationship is different but we love each other and we make it work.

  25. Sorry to say,but I am dating or rather I dated an Aquarius,cos the truth is I don’t know where we are and it will stupid to ask cos if she is comfortable the way we are so am I. But I noticed Aquarius ladies always have feeling they bare smart as fuck,meanwhile to a Scorpio they are dumb.I like the mind games she tries to play tho,but Scorpios will always see things coming from afar before they get close.My advice to Aquarius,don’t play games with Scorpios cos u will end up being hurt.Scorpios are the smartest in the zodiac.And as for we showing too much emotions,please appreciate cos one morning we might wake up and it will all be gone,then u come here and start calling us all sort of name when u Aquarius always start the childish shit first.Be simple,and Scorpios will always love.

  26. I’m glad I find this site and reading the comments and seeing what you guys go through i realize I’m not crazy. I’m a scorpio and my ex is aquarius the first day i saw him i was attracted to him instantly but I waited for him to make the first move next thing I know we are in a relationship i fell hard so in love with him and he was great at first but then he started to change drastically the phone calls and texts stop. According to him He can’t talk to me because hes hanging out with his friends and other lame excuses and lies and then he says he’s sorry and i forgive him cause I love him and i want to make it work. according to him hes choosing to make money over love and he would make excuses as to why he can’t see me. I’ve been through so much pain and suffering from this man he hurt me so bad and i just figured he’s cold and evil and I’m not gonna have hatred in my heart for him. After reading the article i realize it’s in his nature to do the things he do. I have been through this terrible relationship and still standing strong. Will i be with another aquarius man? maybe but I will never fall in love with one

  27. I’m a Scorpio woman and I left this Aquarius man because I started to doubt myself if I can do this again. He was more open to our communication; I was more of a secretive type whom I have difficulties of trusting People which is my own downfall in life if I continue being like this to him/everyone.

    He starting to preach! why I Left him without reason, why he severely deserve to be treated that way in which I am already fully aware because of the bad experience in the past; he also told me he doesn’t want to commit to anyone so that’s one of the reasons I have to take action not to see him again.

    Now to think about it I should have givin him a chance to at least get to know me well, before all that commitment shit in relationship that I badly want in life. Because a person cannot commit if you don’t open up about being who you are or at least being patient and not rush things out.

    So I don’t know if he already move on! I still want to hang out with him but sadly after all of his sermon he already said Take care & goodluck which sounded to me like a Goodbye. So I just accept the fact his gone.

    So will you ever take the approach to take you Aquarius man; is he already done with me?

    His Aquarius sun with cancer moon and Pisces in Venus?

  28. Hey!
    I am a Scorpio woman dealing with an Aquarius man. I’ve known him for almost 10 years now, and our relationship hasn’t been easy.. I’ve never dated a Scorpio man before, so I wouldn’t know if it’s true what you all are saying about them being emotionally shut down; but I do know that’s the complete opposite of me. I am extremely emotionally in-tune and my aqua is completely emotionally shut down. We can talk all day everyday about anything in the world and he has an opinion.. Until we start talking about feelings. This article rang true to me because he has said to me VERBATIM, “You know I love you, I may not say it all the time, but you should know..” At the time, this was so frustrating to me because that was hard for me to comprehend..(As a Scorpio woman we are incredibly affectionate to our lovers, always saying and showing we love them) I see now, that was his way of saying “I love you, and you should be confident enough emotionally for me to not always have to express that.. Just know.” He told me that even if I didn’t tell him or show him that I loved him, he still knows it.. His confidence in knowing exactly where he stands is something that I admire about him, something I’d like to learn. Compromise is a big thing, but if you care enough about each other it will come.. I’m trying to give my aqua the space and freedom he so desperately craves, and he’s trying to be more affectionate because he knows it makes me happy. His emotions are something he avidly runs away from, and will get agitated or frustrated when I try to get him to actually emotionally confront things, instead of just intellectual.. (He THINKS logically, instead of DEALING with his emotions/pain etc.) but I know he does this because it’s his defense mechanism. Deep down he’s very sensitive but doesn’t want to come across as vulnerable, so he runs away from things that make him feel deeply.. Because it can hurt him. I know one of the things that draw him to me is the fact it’s so easy for me to express myself, and how emotionally intuitive I am. We use each other to find balance, its key! I’d really like to hear more opinions from other Scorpio women about their aquas, and challenges or personalities since so many of you are Aquarius women, speaking from the very different perspective of dealing with scorp men..

  29. I feel interested in Scorpio and Aquarius because they are my mother and my parent sun sign. I am Sagittarius sun sign anyway.

    What I felt about my parents, their marriage for over 20 years is that they are completely born for each other.

    It’s true that all the description is right for them. As a very critical and good observation from a Saggitarius, I am sure that they are total compatible. I get along with both. Do not know why but I feel I am more into my father and I love Scorpio guys because of him (but I never feel like dating with them haha).

    The most important thing about relationship is when my mother told me that both people have to be aware that they have to communicate and be patient with each other. After all you get married, and you live not for yourself but for others as well.

    My mother is extremely bold and independent. She never show any emotion, if she wants to cry, she will hide it. In contrary to my father, my father is soft spoken, caring but never talk much. He makes everybody calm but my mother is exactly like a fire, a free spirited woman who like to out-spoken. They are both stubborn and yes my father is always right and my mother is always right. My mother fight with everyone every day lol and all the time, my father just knows how to tame her in a very gentle way.

    I think this is a version of matured Scorpio and Aquarius couple. They start to learn to compromise and communicate. My mother told me that sometimes her Scorpio husband took me to dine out and then they talked about their life, their feeling, their wish, and so on. I think it was so romantic about them. Building their love based on dedication and small things everyday.

    You cannot be selfish and ask others to listen to you while you never take time to try to listen to them. That is what both my parents teach me. Even I am Saggitarius but I have best friend from Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces, Capricon. Difficulty teaches people to grow up. My father said that I am like a young version from my mother. I think inheritance is so important even I do not get along well with her and I do not want to become like her. He always smiles and said don’t worry because some days a man like him will come and love you regardless of your stupid stubbornness.

    Unfortunately I always had relationship with Germini and Saggitarius men. I am attracted to Virgo men as well, But no matter what their sign is, I think it doesn’t matter to me because the core of any relationship is to learn from other and grow up together. Don’t get me wrong, I learn about astrology as well so I know who I am clearly) but astrology doesn’t tell about your personality in details, the details depends on your background, your life, and so on.
    But I like to learn about sun/moon, etc and the different aspects to explain why human are different to each other, but it is not who you are. Just don’t make it become a thread preventing you a chance to know a person.

    Anyway, both my parents are different in religion as well. My mother is very religious on Christian while my father ( Chinese) prone to Buddhism and haha it is a very interesting for me to experience the diversity in my daily life. Well, they got me into Chinese astrology as well but it’s so hard for me to understand, but somehow they are different from Western astrology. So, differences make life better and also it can teach younger generation becomes better regardless of what their sign are. I am not carefree Saggitarius anyway because my parents are strict to me so I learn to be nice, submissive and very critical to detail (may be because I have other signs in Capricon but my core is still fire and air). But also because my father is a teacher, he gave me books and I grew up with knowledge so I think differently. It is exactly what Chinese astrology tells about me, the ability of improvasion.

    My parents are indI ideals but when they live together. They are wiser than any others. I love Aquarius-Scorpio couples. Difference makes harmony.

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