Se-lah: You Are Worthy of Love As You Are. Right Now.

You know all the reasons why you think you are unworthy of being loved, don’t you?

You have them all lined up: Your poor choices in the past, your skin discolorations, your size, your health or HIV status, your chipped toenail, your poor memory, that pimple on your back, that mole on your inner thigh and much much more.

You have got all of the reasons why you think you are unworthy of being loved lined up don’t you? Ready and willing to be spat out at any given moment that someone dares affirm that you are beautiful and worthy of unconditional love just as you are.

Ready and willing to be aimed at anyone who dares suggest that you, yes you, with all of your “flaws” could possibly be loved, appreciated and celebrated not in spite of but because of these so called flaws.

In fact you can’t even open yourself up to hear that all of those so called flaws are what actually make you a shining, brilliant and beautiful individual. But you just can’t accept it can you ? It sounds too easy. Too mushy. Too new-agey right?

You think the real reason you haven’t found the love you are longing for is because you are just not “right” yet.

You think it’s because you haven’t “got it all together” yet.
You think once you do ( fill in the blank) this or get ( fill in the blank) that… Or you may even, feel that because some of your so called “wrongness” is not able to shift, that you will never ever be worthy of love…
And that until you fix these things or because you cannot fix these things you cannot accept, attract or embrace the possibilities of love in your own life.

You believe this quite frankly because you think that no-one can love you like you are in this moment. You believe that you are not worthy of love in this moment as you are.

And yes hon, I know this moment is a mess. In this messy moment all of your affairs may not be in perfect order. That one hair on your head won’t lay down and your tummy is full of gas and you have no idea where your checkbook is or why the hell you are even STILL in the modern age keeping a checkbook but basically it all adds up to show you that you are not ready to receive unconditional love because honey you ain’t got it all together!!

Funny thing about people who are waiting to “get it all together”. The funny thing is that they are always waiting. You know them, they are the folks who always have an excuse on why they can’t be loved now. Some of them have just been told so much by the media that they are just not worthy of love. They’ve been told they are not (fill in the blank) enough and until they get (fill in the blank) and until then they can forget about getting some unconditional love. Just forget about it. And so they wait. But today shug, I want you to consider this.:

You are already worthy of all the love in the world right now.

Mhmm. Yep, I’m talking to you! Stop looking over your shoulder! You are worthy of all the love in the world right now. You don’t have to get nothing/do nothing/ fix nothing /buy nothing or be something else.

And let me put you in on a little secret: “No-one has it all together.” No-one. Not that lady at the office who always looks fabulous with the fancy hair and dresses. Not the guy you see at the gym, who has more muscles on his forearm then you do on your entire body and no not that celebrity that you see on T.V who has more money than God. Nope, none of them ain’t got it together boo boo. It’s a front. Please, purty please, don’t believe they hype.

They all have ongoing challenges,struggles and foolishness to contend with. Just like you. And just like you they are worthy of all the love in the universe too. Just like you.

Sit with it a for a moment. Let it marinate a little. And the next time sometimes tell you you are beautiful or offers up to you a compliment or un-conditonal love, before you begin to talk about why you think you are not worthy; before you trail of onto your list of all the things you think are “wrong” with you or all the issues you just haven’t worked out yet..stop yourself and repeat 5 times aloud:

I are worthy of love as I am, right now.
I am worth of love as I am, right now.
I am worthy of love as I am right now.
I am worthy of love as I am right now.
I am worthy of love as I am right now.

And so it is!

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