Purple Galaxy: A Poetic Experience! What is it? What’s Next?

Purple Galaxy: A Poetic Experience, is aone man multi-media show that consists of videos, monologues and poetry. The show is based off of my album “Purple Galaxy” and explores themes of sexuality, race, gender and much more.

Over the past few months, several videos have been released from the project,

in order to garner support.


The project has been generously supported by many amazing artists and activists, including Senior Vice President of the NAACP & Founder of W.R.A.P. Weekend Maxim Thorne and noted activist author Kenyon Farrow.

Originally the show was planned to premier this fall in Atlanta GA. However due to organizing and fund restrictions the show is now planned to premiere summer 2012.

Current Sponsors

Purple Pattern Masters ( 300.00 or above)
Maxim Thorne

Lavendar Luminaries: (100.00)
Kenyon Farrow
Julian Patrick Miller

Amethyst All Stars: (50.00 or less)

Hassan Beyah,Ronnie Davis, Steven “Sonny” Fullwood, Harold Steward, Asha French,
Robert Jones Jr., Jerry Richard, Darnell Moore, Mia Mingus, John Joo, Tawanna Sullivan,
Fallon Wilson, Javan Jackson,Michael Jeffrey,Stephen Maglott, Theodora Copley,
Derek Lassitter, Jair Trice, Debra Jeter, Phillip Williams, & Charles Cryor

Thank you so much to each of your for your contributions. Putting this list together made me tear up. It’s truly a gift to be supported by so many brilliant and beautiful people. I love you all!


Thank you so much for supporting Purple Galaxy!








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