The SuperPowers Of Virgo!

In Prep for Our Virgo/Cap Relationship Analysis, let’s take a look at Virgo Energy!

Now mind you, this is not just about your sun sign. If Virgo is your moon or rising sign this goes for you too, it just relates to a different aspect of your personality. Check it out!

Super Powers: Unmatched analytical skills. Ability to hone in and detect minute details. Persistent and thorough in affairs they commit themselves to. Potential to be able to see things clearly without psychological or emotional projections. Keeps a mental file cabinet on all behaviors of those around them; they notice the nuances and they remember. Excellent Lovers because they don’t forget! Masters of strategy (Chess had to be invented by a Virgo). They have a relationship to their emotional body that gives them the ability, like Aquarius, to hold and see an emotion, but to not “become it”. (It’s the difference between having anger and being angry.)

Not all are “organizers” in terms of physical space, but if you look closely, you’ll find that organization occurring either through the world of ideas; or even in a “junky” ordering/organization system. Desire to serve and support others.

Kryptonite: Relentless search for perfection leads them to extreme nervousness and stress. Issues with eating are common. Often trying to “purify” themselves, and this includes the body and their “ideas” about the world.

Their is a looming desire to control everything through understanding it. May control others through a self created “illness”. Over analyzing details of situations and interactions can lead to slippery slope of “doom and gloom thinking” which will quickly draw negative energies to themselves. Can at times be extremely manipulative. Prone to be Superficial.  Focus too much on the details prevents them from seeing the whole picture, or even finishing half of the portrait!

What they need to Heal & Balance:

Breathing Techniques & Tai Chi for the anxiety and restlessness. I recommend moving healing arts for Virgos, Yoga is good but too much “stillness” can be hard for them. (Practice twice a day)


Carry them in your pocket or purse. Or you can put them next to your nightstand or under your pillow. They can help influence your vibration on a  number of levels that can be helpful.

Garnet- A beautiful stone, known to help with maintaining positive/affirming thinking.

  Fluorite Helps to ground and balance anxiety and nervousness.  good for Virgos!


Thoughts are everything for this Mercury ruled sign. This book would be my top pick!

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer


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