Introducing..My New Book…..

It’s my utmost honor to introduce to you:

Cover of ‘Dear Universe”

My first book. Coming In April.


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One Response to Introducing..My New Book…..

  1. Eric L. Wattree says:


    Do I believe in God? Yes I do, but that doesn’t mean that I believe in Voodoo, talking snakes, and walking dead men. For me, God is whatever force that is responsible for the existence of the universe – or to be more precise, existence itself. So I can see my God, since, from my point of view, God, Nature, and the Universe are synonymous..

    Thus, God is not a speculative concept for me. If “I think, therefore, I am;” I am, therefore, God is. For there cannot be creation without a creative force, and whatever that force is, as far as I’m concerned, it constitutes God. Thus, the question is not whether or not God exists, but rather, what is the nature of God’s existence?.

    By giving my own God-given ability to think priority over faith, that frees me from having to be reliant upon the words, and fees, of “anointed” men. It also gives me a leg up on atheists, because while atheists take the position that those of us who believe in God have no evidence to show that God exists, my position is, the existence of the universe gives me concrete evidence of God’s existence, while they’re left with mere opinion, and even that – the proposition that something came from nothing – strains conventional logic..

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