Gay Men’s Sexism Roundtable on Huff Post LIVE


Yesterday I had the opportunity to join Huff Post Live, a dynamic online television platform, to explore my latest article on Gay Men’s Sexism. Check out the video below to watch the segment! 

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  1. this conversation was interesting. however, notably absent were black, latina & asian female voices. relationships between gay-identified men & str8 women are complex. male privilege & entitlement-consciousness often goes unaddressed (by gay-identified men &/or str8 women) because gay-identifed tend to value ‘gayness,’ not manhood.

    historically, our society does not value the manhood of gay-identifed men as they do in str8 men. this is, yet, another way misogyny & sexism becomes realized w/in the lgbt community. furthermore, str8 women who do not value their bodies & lack sexual agency may not be aware of sexual assaults from gay-identified men for any number of reasons, real or imagined.

    this same-gender-loving (sgl) writer has been told, more than once, from str8 women acutely aware of my sgl identity & experience, they’d ‘give me some pussy’ if i was str8: as if i’d be interested solely bcuz of my manhood, not bcuz i find them attractive. i’m offended – yet uncomfortable sharing my conflicting feelings – which i’m still learning to navigate w/out losing the relationship.

    i try not to disrespect women the way some hip hop artists & gop radio hosts seem (privileged) to do: male supremacy needs to be deconstructed. but i’m ashamed of my past. i felt entitled to call women ‘bitches’ in ways i assumed to be playful & understood. i also offered str8 women unwarranted opinions about their clothes, hair, makeup & relationships. i was belligerent, immature & overbearing.

    i was wrong.

    my hope is when people speak truth to power we’ll become willing to look inward for the source of our discontent. honest self-examination requires courageous vulnerability. i hope progressive social media airs more conversations like this with more cultural diversity to broaden our perspective.

  2. I feel that the comment above brought up very good points I would also add that there needed to be another voice of color on the show. Thank you Yolo for bringing up this issue we do need to have this dialog.

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