Collide: Will It Work? Virgo & Capricorn

It’s been long overdue Starlings! I apologize on the wait! A while ago I promised to Collide’s readers that I would do a write up on the Virgo and Capricorn dynamic; and here it is! This analysis is only on sun signs.  Always remember, other aspects in your chart, such as your moon or rising signs will make a big difference!

The Good: Capricorn and Virgo are of the same element, earth. They are both practical, material energies with one goal in the common: World Domination.

They go about this in different ways. Virgo’s want to analytically understand and piece together the details of existence in order to position themselves as master strategists lording over the chessboard of life. Their detail oriented nature is not just about knowledge and awareness, but about a longing to be able to control and predict potentialities by assessing and accruing information of all who exist around them.

Capricorn wants to establish power through making the world aware of what they feel is their divine birthright to exist at the top of the hierarchy of the elders and the wise. They will do this by methodically accruing assets and resources through social connections, money, legacies, or a body of work. Their intention is to lord over what ever domain they chose; and to socially possess a “royal family” where they are respected as the rightful heirs and avatars of a specific form of knowledge/trade.

Together these two work hand in hand very well. Both believe in an ethic of hard work and will pursue their goals tirelessly. Both are planners. Underneath that twitching Capricorn nose ( a facial movement which signifies their curiosity and repressed affection) and that Virgo vibrating glow ( it reflects their smugness as they watch you predictably play the part they suspected) you will find two individuals who care deeply about appearances and will embody stark conservative tendencies no matter how radical they project themselves to be. This conservative impulse will make them the “it couple” of the party, the two who have established power, prestige, and above all else, respect form their peers.

Capricorn’s patience and knack for stillness will balance Virgo’s restlessness and constant state of “un-finishedness.” Virgos incessant over analyzing will be brought back to earth by Capricorn’s “as a matter of fact nature”. Virgo’s warmth and service oriented abilities will balance Capricorn’s icy cold expression. Capricorn’s cynicism and condescension is seen clearly by Virgo as the mask for insecurity and discomfort that is.

In bed they are even better. Capricorn, which is carnal in expressing it’s sensual passions, is pleased by Virgo’s micro-chip memory. Virgo’s remember and can sense all the places and things that Capricorn likes. They both also like to play with power in the bedroom. Capricorn is dominant everywhere else and loves to “submit” and let me tell ya, Virgo’s know how to get the job done, with precision, timing and effectiveness.

The BAD: This astrological combination will not have many difficulties. Usually if a couple with these two sun signs are having challenges, its because of other astrological energies in their charts.

However it’s not uncommon for young Capricorns ( those under 30) and Virgos of any age to have challenges still. Cap’s don’t come into themselves until later in life and as youth they can be reckless, drunken and inane. They simply do not know how to function in the world without the authority of being an elder and their inner disciplinary voice will beat them up and pull them down. This harsh inner voice only lessens as they age.

Virgo’s on the other hand, at early ages may be struggling with silencing their over-active mind and their “do something for everybody else” mentality. They run into trouble because immature Virgo will tell Capricorn what they need to be doing and why they are a mess. Cap’s do not like being told anything about themselves EVER, and it is made worse because Virgo is usually right. Capricorn will criticize Virgo’s anxiety and restlessness and put down their commitment to others by saying they are “run by their friends”, a sore point for Virgo.

They both will innately express anger and hurt indirectly, unless they learn assertive healthy communication skills. IN ARGUMENTS Capricorn will use their typical tactics: Belittling what someone knows, snide comments and side remarks, crude cynicism and age-ism.

IN ARGUMENTS Virgos will use these tactics: Strategic manipulation, superficial cold shoulders, being stand-offish, witty diggs or the classic Virgo move: “Being too busy to deal with (who ever or whatever it is) right now.”


Sit down with the Cap some time. Make it a part of your to-do list if you must ( we know you Virgo’s have so much to do, so why not just schedule the Capricorn into your day?).

Stop making things bigger than they are. Capricorns are exactly what you see. They are fiercely loyal ( after a certain age and pre-supposing a level of maturity is actualized). Take a deep breathe and realize that minute detail, is just that, minute.

Trust what you see but don’t tell it all to Capricorn. Their ego’s simply can’t handle how much you know of them. Play your strategy well ( For instance, they say they don’t need that wrench to fix the car up the road. Do not argue. Simply place the wrench in the back of their truck un-suspected. They will need it ( as you predicted), and when they curse themselves for not bringing it they will come across it there. They will then come home with a warm, passionate kiss ( only one, too much affection annoys them) in thanks.


Instead of making fun of someone or something, try saying “I am hurt.” or “I am sad.” Feelings are one word. The harsh cynicism will tire Virgo ( and anyone) after a while.

Accept Virgo’s “always on the moveness: You could use more of it. Plan trips and special evenings out “doing things” besides just sitting and eating.

Give them room to go off on their un-realistic tangents and slippery slope doom and gloom arguments. Do not jolt them back into reality so suddenly; ease them back softly. They will appreciate it.

All in all starlings, this is a the definition of a power couple! Any relationship can work if you two dedicate yourselves to inner growth and to defining a relationship for yourselves instead of taking on what society desires. Astrology can be a guide map into helping us understand ourselves, but you must remember, Sun Sign Astrology is not the end all be all! You both as a couple are much more than this, you have a moon sign, ascendant and much more which make a big difference. Reach out to me for a couple Chart Consultation. I would love to support you, no matter what your signs, in creating the love you desire.

That’s all for now Starlings!

Until next time,


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5 Responses to Collide: Will It Work? Virgo & Capricorn

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  2. Chris Jones says:

    I love this Yolo! You are so on point. I can’t wait to read more !

  3. LeShann Wilder says:

    Wow, I am a Capricorn everything was said about the Capricorn is so true. OMG!!!!!!!! Down to the bed part. Scary and yet exciting.

  4. lene says:

    Please please please, Virgo x Pisces compatibility?

  5. Andrew says:

    Wow this totally explains why I the Capricorn and my ex the Virgo didn’t work. Puts it in clear view now. Thanks

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